Disposable Me

I would really like to think of myself as an Earth conscious “green” person…but apparently I am not.
I recently purchased a cute top to wear to a few BlogHer parties I was invited to thanks to Aracely Worley. The top was cute, a light peach color with lace sleeves (that’s about as fashionable as I can make any top sound-sorry I’m just not much of a fashionista). This top was my new favorite…that is-until I went to wash it.

Picture this, I’m standing in the laundry room (aka the hallway from the garage to the house that the builders decided to shove washer/dryer hookups in) where I’m really taking great care of my expensive cotton t-shirts and 50 pairs of mom jeans. When there like a fake lottery ticket I found out that my new favorite light peach color top with lace sleeves was “hand wash only” HAND WASH. ONLY.

To say it lightly, I was kind of shocked.

I stood there in my hallway laundry room kind of like flabbergasted and dumbfounded. I was thinking that I would never wear my new favorite light peach shirt with the lace sleeves again.
“Hand wash?” I thought. “Really? Who does that? Isn’t hand washing for pioneer times women who churn their own butter and pluck their own chickens?”
I was mad at Old Navy for even creating such a ridiculous light peach colored top with lace sleeves that had a need for such medieval washing methods.

I wanted to throw that damn light peach colored top out in the trash. Dispose of it on the pronto.

Then I realized (after several minutes) that hand washing clothes must be like hand washing dishes.
Reading that sentence back makes me sound like such a dumb blonde, but I assure you-I was dead serious.
Hand washing shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It’s probably even a better method of getting clothes clean. But in my ‘Disposable Me’ mindset I was ready to toss that light peach top out in the trash-chosing time convenience over Earth consciousness.
But, just to be brutally honest-my once favorite new light peach top with the lace sleeves is still in the cupboard waiting to be hand washed. 😉


4 responses

  1. I hand wash clothes once a year, usually at the beginning of winter when I wonder where those beautiful wool sweaters are. Oh, they’re at the bottom of the “to be washed” pile.

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