I haven’t been posting here lately for a very good reason.

I got “gun-shy”.

The MomsLA blogging community recently created a tribe on Triberr which if you haven’t heard of, is (although semi-corney ) an amazing website that creates groups of bloggers in “tribes” and publishes each others blog posts on twitter. This helps amplify each others posts and creates a bigger network of listeners.
Only, I just got back in this blogging saddle and I’m not quite confident in my personal posts just yet.
I’m in a tribe full of amazing bloggers with amazing talent and a huge reader reach with endorsements and yadda yadda yadda.
I felt like my posts couldn’t possibly live up to their standards.
But, with that attitude-this blog would never go anywhere. It would just sit here. Blank…boring…blank.
So screw it, I’m going to keep writing.
Lame as it may be, immature thought it might be, substandard quite possibly.
But it’s mine and it’s me.


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