There is one thing I can always count on.

How predictable my husband is

He thought he was being smart by proposing to me on Valentines Day, 2004. Little did he know I smelled him coming a thousand miles away (and panicked) but I married him anyway.
I’ve let him think to this day that he was real smooth and spontaneous-proposing to me at sunset on the beach on the corniest day of the year and all.

One day, he started talking about golf. I thought to myself “oh please Lord don’t let him get into this sport! This sport is for rich men only!” So I told him that too. He swore up and down that he wouldn’t get “into” it. Said he just liked watching it on tv that’s all.
Waaahla —> he goes golfing at least once a month and he wants a membership to a club.

Now he’s starting to watch that new show on Animal Planet “Tanked”. He’s talking about taking Sarcastic Boy and Sarcastic Girl to the fish store, you know “it’s for the kids” to do “something as a family” to “look at all the pretty fish”.
Do you know what’s next?
Yup, he’s going to want another fish tank.
Not just any fish tank I suppose. But a big fat one with the big fat expensive fish.



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