Do your kids have lovies? Something to snuggle with when they go to sleep?

Experts say that lovies take the place-by substitution of a parent as a comfort item to make the child feel safe and secure.

My son has had the same lovey since he was about a year old. It’s a blue satin bear blanket that someone gave me before he was born. Although he is 4 1/2 years old, he needs his lovey to sleep. At bedtime, if we can’t find Mr. Lovey it’s a panic freak out until we do find it.
My daughter on the other hand has a different kind of lovey…

Dirty underwear

The dirtier, the stinker the better. She lies on the dirty clothes pile and snuggles the underwear. She rubs them on her head and coos and squeals. It’s a game and It’s kind of gross.

I wonder…if a lovey is taking the place of a parent as a comfort item-what is it with the dirty underwear?

She must be substituting her father



3 responses

  1. Our daughter didn’t have a lovey, she is now 6. However our almost 2 year old son has to have a green polar fleece blanket he was given before he was born to sleep with. He doesn’t cuddle with it, just needs that particular blanket to cover himself… I did have a lovey when I was a toddler, a pink mouse (yes it was pink…still is lol) it has little stains on its tail because I would pull it from the tail all around the house. My mom saved it for me, I gave it to my daughter and she has it in her bedroom. 🙂 I think I did want to find comfort because I did see my dad but he would work building his business most of the day.

  2. My then-2 year old daughter used to go to sleep patting my hair so I substituted a silk scarf that she could carry with her to nursery school for naptime. All was well and good until she also became attached to my silk négligé and then threw a fit when I wouldn’t let her take that to school!

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