All the things you wish you could say

What if you were able to say all the things you wish you could say…but know you shouldn’t?
What if I wrote it all here on this blog-all of “those” things?
You know the ones I’m talking about. Those things about the people in your life and the relationships that are tense?
Like anything about my family or my husband’s family in general.
Or the controversial things?
Like, I don’t get the fascination that some people have for Disneyland?

Not only would this blog be very, very active…it would also be bitter and judgemental.

And who wants to read someone else’s complaints. (Even if my complaints would be funny because some of the people I’m forced to deal with are just well, nuts).

One of the best pieces of advice I have heard about blogging was from Dooce. She said that we should never write something about someone that we wouldn’t want that person to read. Which, is just sage advice for life in general.

My last post “Catfish” stirred the pot and had some people thinking I would give them the time of day. Gag me and keep on livin’.

So I guess, that’s what writing a public blog is all about. If I’m not willing to talk about all those things I wish I could say I’ll be censoring how I really feel and polishing it so I don’t hurt feelings, or make relationships more tense.

But is that real?



I heard in a movie once that when live Cod were shipped to Asia from North America, the fish’s inactivity in their tanks resulted in mushy flesh in the Asian markets. Eventually, the fishermen discovered that putting catfish in the tanks with the cod kept them active and their flesh firm.

I am thankful for my catfish.
Although, the catfish in my life is nipping at my heels and attempting to take bites out of my side; I won’t let her.

Because of her I am striving, I am achieving, I am constantly moving and I will make sure to always be one step ahead of her.
Call it healthy competition, call it pride but whatever you call it…I am going to win. I am going to make sure I do better, achieve more and get whatever it is that she’s afraid that I get.

I hate to admit it but at the end of the day even though I wish she would disappear
she really deserves more.

So thank you Catfish. We’re having pot roast for dinner.

And then sometimes…he’s not so bad.

The other day my husband told me that he was better looking AND smarter than me.

I guess you can say that we’re both difficult people and without being with each other, we’d be alone cause no one else would put up with our crap. I can say, that although his statement of being smarter and better looking than me is offensive, it’s just his way of getting to me. And knowing this about him, I don’t let it get to me (too much anyway).

It’s not like I’ve been the nicest person lately.
When I’m pregnant, I have only one person on my shit list.
My husband
The poor guy can’t win. No matter how hard he tries. I talk all kinds of husband hating propaganda on facebook. Which I mean, he deserves by creating his own hell by saying something like he’s smarter and better looking than me. Which, I mean COME ON-we all know just isn’t true.
And then sometimes…he’s not so bad.
Cause the dude did something really great tonight-
He brought me home a brand new laptop.

Which I needed soooo bad. My old laptop didn’t have a battery, wireless capabilities or a flipping space bar. Yeah, no space bar. Since writing is my game and blogging is paying me. Not having a capable computer was getting to me.
So, thank you husband. For not being a dooshebag tonight 😉


p.s. he doesn’t read this blog so he’ll never know I’ve thanked him hee hee