And then sometimes…he’s not so bad.

The other day my husband told me that he was better looking AND smarter than me.

I guess you can say that we’re both difficult people and without being with each other, we’d be alone cause no one else would put up with our crap. I can say, that although his statement of being smarter and better looking than me is offensive, it’s just his way of getting to me. And knowing this about him, I don’t let it get to me (too much anyway).

It’s not like I’ve been the nicest person lately.
When I’m pregnant, I have only one person on my shit list.
My husband
The poor guy can’t win. No matter how hard he tries. I talk all kinds of husband hating propaganda on facebook. Which I mean, he deserves by creating his own hell by saying something like he’s smarter and better looking than me. Which, I mean COME ON-we all know just isn’t true.
And then sometimes…he’s not so bad.
Cause the dude did something really great tonight-
He brought me home a brand new laptop.

Which I needed soooo bad. My old laptop didn’t have a battery, wireless capabilities or a flipping space bar. Yeah, no space bar. Since writing is my game and blogging is paying me. Not having a capable computer was getting to me.
So, thank you husband. For not being a dooshebag tonight 😉


p.s. he doesn’t read this blog so he’ll never know I’ve thanked him hee hee


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  1. Aw! Will have my husband read this, I write on a netbook. Yes a netbook so I know that feeling! By the way I think you are. Beautiful and smart! Very smart!!! 😉

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