All the things you wish you could say

What if you were able to say all the things you wish you could say…but know you shouldn’t?
What if I wrote it all here on this blog-all of “those” things?
You know the ones I’m talking about. Those things about the people in your life and the relationships that are tense?
Like anything about my family or my husband’s family in general.
Or the controversial things?
Like, I don’t get the fascination that some people have for Disneyland?

Not only would this blog be very, very active…it would also be bitter and judgemental.

And who wants to read someone else’s complaints. (Even if my complaints would be funny because some of the people I’m forced to deal with are just well, nuts).

One of the best pieces of advice I have heard about blogging was from Dooce. She said that we should never write something about someone that we wouldn’t want that person to read. Which, is just sage advice for life in general.

My last post “Catfish” stirred the pot and had some people thinking I would give them the time of day. Gag me and keep on livin’.

So I guess, that’s what writing a public blog is all about. If I’m not willing to talk about all those things I wish I could say I’ll be censoring how I really feel and polishing it so I don’t hurt feelings, or make relationships more tense.

But is that real?


7 responses

  1. I think you should be who you are no matter what that means. So for you, that may mean being honest and sarcastic, and that’s okay. You tell it like it is, and the world needs people like that. However, some people think that the right to “be honest” means they can also be straight up jerks and treat people with no respect for their feelings or common courtesy. I’m fine with honesty, as long as you’re respectful about it. Otherwise you just sound like a an unfiltered 3 year-old. (Which I’ve met you, and you’re completely respectful =)

    That said, again, be who you are. I had to learn who I was, still am learning actually. I tried to be someone I wasn’t when I was blogging for a while because I thought I had to project an edgier image, like I had to make my posts seem more interesting, more witty, stir up controversy, etc., as if I had to take myself more seriously and not write about things as frivolous as fashion, etc.

    But then I actually started dreading blogging. Because I was being someone I wasn’t.

    I LIKE style/fashion, I AM a generally upbeat person and see the glass half full even though that annoys some people (but I don’t care!), and I only blog about things I actually like or care about. I’m a lifestyle/fashion/beauty/parenting blogger, and I’m 100% okay with that. Be who you are. It makes your blog more personal, more enjoyable, and your readers can sense that.

  2. I say write the Disneyland post. I know I’m crazy. As a person with a fascination with Disneyland… ‘We’re all a little mad here’.
    but yes, I understand where you’re coming from.
    I write mostly behind a persona, and that helps, but since I know I have family and friends now reading, it has limited subject matter a little. And that comment from Dooce is dead on. That’s how everyone should not only write but talk, too.

  3. Personally, I love hearing other people’s complaints because then it helps them feel better AND I get a chuckle out of it because it is so authentic. I agree with you totally about the Disneyland fanatics. I’m a get-in, get-out kinda girl and don’t want to be surrounded by crowds and mayhem.

    I think there is a way to complain that is funny and interesting instead of just bemoaning every little thing. Pollyannas irritate me just as much as Debbie Downers – and I am a self-proclaimed DD. (no, not designated driver).

    If someone writes with a persona, I don’t think it makes them less real, it’s just a way of allowing them more freedom of expression and creativity. Say for example I wanted to write about my boss – not just to say he is a douchebag, but also to write about how I was treated and my feelings about it. I certainly don’t want him to find out about it, but I do want to express myself; to feel better, to commiserate with others, let others know it’s not OK. I am not the type to say things to people’s faces what I’m really thinking because it would hurt their feelings and I would have no friends.

    Plus, if you want to be gainfully employed and have a personal blog too, you would ALWAYS have to watch out for everything little thing you say. Then it would be no fun to blog. I also know there are a lot of blended families or divorced parents that have to be super careful of their blogs and identity because of custody and safety issues.

    Boy, I’m going off on a tangent… But I hope you don’t think that all bloggers who use a persona are fake – some are definitely real.

  4. lol. do it. Theres a way to express yourself without people bashing. In the end, it’s your blog. You write this one for yourself. Yes, its public and easily found but its your thoughts and feelings spoken/written outloud (in a way).

    Personally, Disney is my happy place. I like it at night, in the off season. After people have taken their kids home or to the hotel, when the lines are small and it’s mostly just locals. And people watching there is awesome.

  5. I totally understand. I’m fascinated with Disneyland, I wouldn’t hold it against you. I’m still trying to figure out why is everyone so fascinated with Glee and why is it so raunchy now. Okay, I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney. It’s always good to express your opinion. I salute you for writing this post.

  6. Disney, had my honeymoon there! Oh yes I did! But you don;t have to feel the same way about it or pretend too. I would much rather get to know the real you!

    Viva la difference of opinions!

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