Confession Friday – Mother of the Year

Starting today, Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest will be hosting a new series every Friday titled “Confessions Friday”. With a slew of funny, talented, witty, charming and fabulous bloggers that will be guest posting every Friday-this series will be one you will not want to miss. This series will feature some of the best up and coming (and some well-established as well) bloggers from around the country.
The purpose of “Confessions Friday” will be a place of venting and confessing in a non-judgmental, non-criticizing happy and healthy place where we can relate to one another; because at the end of the day, we’re all mothers and for Christ’s sake we’re not perfect.
To start the series off with jolly good fun, I’ll be confessing one of my own: how I have won the “Mother of the Year Award” every year since 2007. So here goes…

“I can’t play with my kids”

Yep, I can’t play with my kids. I can’t do puzzles, cards, board games or take them to the park by myself. I can’t do trucks, coloring, or watch cartoons on TV.
But, I can take them anywhere in Southern California on a DayTrip. I can take them shopping, on errands, on assignments or to the moon. I can show them the world.
But I can’t play with my own damn kids when we’re at home.
When my son was a baby and I realized this…this total and complete lack of interest in playing I felt like a horrible mother. My mommy guilt overcame me and made me feel like complete and downright sh*t. I tried to force myself to stack blocks, to play puzzles and to race cars, but I just couldn’t do it.
I have convinced myself that my kids are better off without a constant jester keeping them entertained at home. And you know what?

I kind of believe that too.


9 responses

  1. I hear you on that. I don’t think I could play trains nearly as much as my son would want me to! One thing I always do at home with him, however, is cook. It does double-duty by getting him involved and helping me get my work done!

  2. I could never play with my daughter, either — at least, until she was old enough to hold her own in a game of Scrabble (and then, I refused to go easy on her). On top of that, I stopped playing with her when she got good enough to beat me!

  3. Now that both of my kids are in preschool, I struggle too at home….both because they want to be out and I’m twiddling my thumbs thinking of what to do after we’ve read, colored, and baked : )

  4. At last, moms that admit it! I’ve tried to play games w/ my girls, but I just can’t do it either… it’s not fun (for me) and I’d feel bad for feeling this way but I remembered… my mom didn’t play with me when I was younger either, and I turned out fine … a little OCD but still pretty normal. I finally came to the realization that kids NEED to learn to entertain themselves, parents are parents, not their friends or playmates. I do other things w/ my girls… teaching them to cook, doing crafts, taking walks in the park and discovering the magic of a good book! We are a Disney family and go there often, but not that I’ve discovered this nugget of a blog “daytrippingmom” to find other ideas different places in So Cal to take the girls and expand our knowledge or the great State we live in.

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