10 things I Hate about you…an ode to Mr. Eaglin

I’m doing this to make myself feel better. Please indulge my pregnant hormones.

1. I hate the way you smack your gum. If I wanted to hear that much noise out of someone’s mouth I’d give my 5-year-old a piece of gum. 

2. I hate the way you rush everything except for the things that YOU want to do. Like, seriously? It takes me a minute to pick out a new brand of shampoo, stop rushing me. But for GOD’S SAKE why does it take you so long to look at golf clubs? You’re not even buying one! 

3. I hate how picky of an eater you are. It’s really annoying having to have an arsenal of new dinners just for you. Holy Crackers we have spaghetti two times in one month. It’s not going to kill you. 

4. I hate that you like watching sports on tv. Any sport. 

5. I hate how stubborn you are. No, you are!

6. I hate that you took last week off on vacation and you worked two of the days and went golfing one whole day. You suck. 

7. I hate that I never buy myself anything, but you seem to buy yourself everything. It’s unfair. I work harder than you do. I’m growing a damn baby in here for Cheese Sake! 

8. I hate that you know just how to push my buttons. And you do, riiiiight when you shouldn’t. 

9. I hate that after you piss me off, put me in a bad mood and have me storming around and slamming cupboard doors that you then ignore me and call me childish. You did it…and now you should pay for it. 

10. I hate how much you need your mothers approval even though you say you don’t. Enough said. 


4 responses

  1. I hope you’ve felt a lot better after getting this off your chest! =) Definitely a lot braver than me, I don’t think I could ever write out the list and post it publicly anywhere!

  2. Hee hee! I love this list! AMEN! I literally was just thinking of writing something similar about my husband this morning. Such as: I hate the way you snort back your snot in the morning and it echoes throughout the house. I hate how always use q tips in your ears every day. I hate how loud it is when you clip your fingernails and toenails into the sink. I hate how you have to take a shower every morning and then walk the dog above anything else. I hate how suddenly you are a sports on tv fanatic when you never were when we were dating. That was always one of my dating criteria – no TV sports! I hate how are you are starting to act and look like your dad. Can you at least try to do a few sit ups?

    I will work on my list further and then post it for fun. But I certainly hope he doesn’t read it! Eek.

  3. I hate the way my husband breathes when I’m pregnant. It’s noisy, and I have told him on several occasions that he needs to either leave the room or stop said breathing for my own good!

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