This is not a Christmas present. This my friends, is a dig.

This is not a Christmas present to my daughter, this my friends…is a dig to get to me.

To say that I’m not into the Princess culture would be an understatement. I do not have any intention of allowing my daughter to be raised surrounded by Princesses, Disney or not. I do not find it healthy for young girls to idolize helpless, sometimes brainless characters. I will not allow my daughter to be a victim that needs help from a man or anyone else. (However, I do like the movie “Tangled” but that’s another story). I mean no offense to you, I do not judge you for your decisions regarding your daughter. These are my opinions and they are intended for my children.

I do not mind tea sets, I do not mind dress up, I do not mind the color pink or purple.
However, I DO mind crowns, I DO mind tiaras, I DO mind feather boas, I DO mind fluffy dresses. I DO MIND PRINCESSES.

My husbands mother bought this car for my daughter for Christmas. Everyone I associate with knows that I do not like princess crap. I have made it very clear. My husband laughed when our daughter opened it and nudged me in the ribs. I heard a “that’s the only one the store had”. Bullshit I say.
But, of course my daughter loves it. She loves hiding her crackers in the seat and pressing the buttons to play princess music. She loves riding it around and laughing. I will not deny her that happiness, I am not heartless.

But I will keep that damn piece of crap outside under the surface of the sun to fade and under the elements to deteriorate quickly, I am not dumb.


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  1. LOL! Good for you. I hate princess stuff too. I have avoided it for 2 years, and will continue to. On a similar note, guess what my parents gave my daughter for Christmas? One of those huge stuffed horses on springs that sings annoying songs and makes annoying noises and doesn’t fit anywhere in my house. It’s in the garage now.

  2. I admire you for the article , feel the same way as you do , my daughters are grown up now , when they were little the trend was not princess it was for Barbie
    and we had rules for toys in our house Barbie was not allow.
    Good for speaking out what is in your mind.

  3. You know I never got into the whole “princess” theme things with the crowns and the tiaras and the dresses, however, I did fall in love with the Disney Movies. In my head I was always able to keep the concept of a Princess separate from what I wanted to be.

    Now you’ve got my mind thinking about the Disney movies and the whole female perspective now. Oh boy.

  4. Yes! I write about media from a feminist mom’s pov and I could not agree more! Except, I would have exchanged or dissapeared that mess asap. Maybe not right away, if she noticed and was into playing with it, but once she moved on and kinda forgot about it. I do this all the time. I try to get toys that don’t reflect our values out of the house before they are opened, but if I can’t I do it when it won’t be heartless.

  5. So funny – I was just thinking about this tonight. I’m not into the princess thing at all, but I have only boys so the issue hasn’t really come up. If I had a girl, how firmly would I hold the line? Anyway, it sounds like your little girl is having fun with it so maybe she can just enjoy it in the spirit in which it was given.

  6. My two daughters are older, and I am here to tell you that this shall pass. of course it’s always something; if it’s not Ariel giving up her lifestyle (and species!) for the handsome prince, it’s Justin Beiber and the Jonas Brothers.

    Sometimes I miss that Little Mermaid.

  7. I have 2 daughters and have never really liked the Disney princesses and the princess culture. However, I could not fight it off for long. Same with Barbies. I haven’t had the heart to tell them yet that there is no such thing as a happily ever after. That woud make me a mean mommy.

  8. I just stumbled on your site from daytrippinng. I was lol when I read this post. I tell my friend this all the time how I am not going to incorporate the whole princess thing in my daughters life. She thinks I am crazy but all those princesses need a man to rescue them and have to be so dainty all the time. Its okay to have messed up hair and run around like the boys instead of trying to put our little girls in high heels before their 5 and on a pedestal.

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