“Confessions Friday” – Maribel Reyes from Stroller Adventures in So Cal

Today’s “Confession Friday” comes from Maribel Reyes of Stroller Adventures in So Cal, a fun blog about where to go and what to do in San Diego; she also posts really yummy recipes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maribel at DayTrippingMom for several months now, she is our San Diego Head Contributor. Here is her confession: “I’m not my priority”…can’t we all relate?


I am not my priority.

As a mother of two very active kids, I am always caring for them and leaving myself for last. Everyday I drive them to and from school, prepare their meals, do everyone’s laundry, shopping and listen to their music. I don’t mind…I really don’t. I like caring for them. It was my choice 6 years ago last September when I left corporate America to be their caregiver.

I am blessed that I am able to do this and that my husband supports me 100% in my decision.  I am very grateful to do this and I sacrifice a lot for it, but in the end it’s about watching my kids grow and evolve as well as guide them when they need me and it is fulfilling to me.
However, I rarely take care of myself.
My health is always in the back-burner.
I am always third in line when I should be first.

As my wise Aunt once told me: “When you are in a plane what do the flight attendants tell you?
‘To place the oxygen mask on you first and then on the kids and elderly or those who need help so that you may be able to do so”
This has been in my mind for the past couple of months.

Let me put this into perspective- in 2010 I had a terrible sinus infection; actually, it was the worst my doctor had seen!  He said: “Mrs. Reyes I know mothers forget to care for themselves, but please remember if you are not healthy you can’t care for your family” and you know what? He was right! If I get sick the whole house falls apart! If I do not care for myself I am not 100% happy which means my kids will sense it and feel the same way. Not only that-but my daughter will grow up thinking that mom’s are always the last ones who need care.

I look around me and notice it is a cultural pattern. Most Hispanics are the same way, we are raised to care for others and forget we too need to care for ourselves.  So in 2012 I have decided that I will finally have my lab work done (it’s been waiting since 2010!) I will also have my follow-up with the Retinologist for that cyst they found on my left retina. I will care for myself and take the appropriate measures because I need to be 100% healthy to enjoy my family as much as I want and dreamed of.

Maribel Reyes is the mother of two adorable children. She blogs at Stroller Adventures in So Cal. You can also find her on twitter.


“Confessions Friday” is a series that is all about getting that nagging guilt off your chest whether it be a doosey or something small for the purpose of relating to one another without judgement or criticism. We’re all moms and for Cheese sake we’re not perfect.

If you would like to confess something (and I mean who doesn’t?) Email me at: DesireeEaglin@aol.com


3 responses

  1. Maribel, I cried while reading your article, it is so truth, every mother does that, you are so right,.
    I am very happy and proud of you .. Love you and admire you.
    What else can I say, very happy that you realize at an early stage you are number one , you are in charge of the future of the ones that depend on you and in order to do that job that have been place in your hands , you must take care of yourself first, and this goes to every mom out there

  2. Wonderful post and so true. My sister keeps telling me, “You need to practice self-care.” Yes, I know… I will as soon as all the other responsponsibilitues are done. If I would want to practice good health care I would need to get a babysitter which costs money I don’t want to spend.

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