From the Archives – Unspoken Rules

Originally posted on Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest on 5-23-2007.

Sarcastic Boy and I went to Babies R Xpensive and Wally World today and I think I broke an unspoken rule amongst mommies…
I was looking for a new bathtub for tubby cause he’s more or less grown out of his current tub. It’s a big pain-o to bathe him cause he’s too big, and our sink doesn’t hold water. I was looking for one that I’ve seen in catalogs that looks like a mini baby pool that fits inside regular tubs. No find. I was also looking again for baby dishes and stuff. No find. BUT, the rug that goes with his room stuff was on sale, so I used the rest of my birthday money and bought it! wahoo! It’ll arive in one to two weeks. Then we went to wallyworld (walmart for those of you who don’t know) which is right next door to babies r expensive. That’s where I broke that rule. We just looked around, I got a veggie scrubber and a new veggie peeler and a weight scale to weight my fat ass. We looked at their bath stuff and feeding dishes and clothes. Then I broke the rule. When tubby and I were in the baby section we ran into a girl about my age with a baby and she had tons o stuff in her cart. Mostly baby food. She’s the one I broke the rule with. Her baby was in her carseat that she had set on top of the cart. Which, according to manufactures you’re not supposed to do that cause it’s unsafe. I’ve done it once, for convenience when we went to Target. Most of the time I just push tubby in the stroller and carry a hand basket. Then I don’t buy too much and nothing big. Then we got bored and hungry so we went to check out. The girl with the baby in the carseat and tons of baby food stood behind us. When we were checking out she was piling on (and i mean piling) on the baby food. She asked me how old brady was. I said “4 and a half months” and smiled. Then I broke the rule. She said brady was a “big one” and so was her daughter. I commented on how much baby food she was buying. I said “that’s a LOT of baby food”, she said she knew, laughed and said her daughter ate two or three of them a day. I had already broken the rule. She said the baby food was on sale “two for a dollar”. I was very proud and excited to tell her that “I’m going to make my own baby food”. But I told her I should have bought some baby food myself. She said “she liked making her own baby food too, when she has time”. Then I rang out, wished her a good day and left. But. She seemed miffed about something…I thought,”What have I done?” That’s when I realized that I broke the unspoken rule amongst mommies…
if someone comments on how cute your kid is, you have to comment on the cuteness of their kid too.
I didn’t even look at her kid. Or ask her how old she was. All I did was brag about how I’m going to make my own baby food, while she was buying hers. Whoops! There goes my chance of making a friend with a baby…


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