Wittlebee – Children’s Clothing Club

As a modern stay at home mom, my life is all about doing as much as possible as quickly and efficiently as possible. Well, I mean…ideally. To help me achieve this ideal lifestyle, I look for products and services that are reliable, safe and convenient. I was contacted by Wittlebee recently to try out their children’s clothing club.
What is Wittlebee you ask? Wittlebee is a rapidly growing in popularity monthly children’s clothing club that specializes in the basics for children up to 5 years old (or a size 6). You can log on to Wittlebee now to start building your very own personalized box of clothing. In your quest to build a perfect box, Wittlebee will ask you questions which include size, colors your children wear most, clothing type, childs personality type, climate and even clothing style. Then, like clockwork every month a personalized box of children’s clothing containing approximately 8 pieces will arrive at your door. Better yet-the clothing will be from popular brand name clothing manufacturers like Baby Gap and American Apparel. Sounds amazing right?

Our box. Copyright: Desiree Eaglin

Let me tell you exactly why I fell in love with Wittlebee.

When I had just one child and that child was well-behaved compared to his nightmare sister, we went shopping every week at our leisure. His closet was stocked full of good quality clothing that I was able to find at markdown prices because I had the time and I had the patience. Then, the nightmare (aka my daughter) was born and shopping became a chore. A really, really big chore. No longer was I able to find quality clothing at markdown prices, I had to resort to whatever was closest to me on the rack at whatever price is was marked at because I had 2.5 seconds to find something before a clothing rack got pulled down or piles of once folded clothing got trampled on. I miss the days of decently dressed children.
Wittlebee is offering a very unique, reliable, safe and convenient service to mothers like me everywhere. Once a month, Wittlebee sends out a personalized package of quality, adorable and clean clothing directly to your home. You choose the size and any specifications and you leave it up to their talented staff to gather the clothing for you. Easy peasy!

The basics. Copyright: Desiree Eaglin

My favorite feature of Wittlebee is literally how fun it is. I loved “grab bags” as a child and I loooove surprises as an adult. Wittlebee is the updated adult version of a “grab bag” for your children’s clothing. You don’t know exactly what you’re going to get, but you know you’ll love everything they chose for your children. It’s like getting a surprise birthday gift once a month (well, you know-a gift for your kids which is still almost as fun to receive as us moms). I want to continue my Wittlebee service just for this fun aspect of it.

Little did they know, she loves Hello Kitty. Copyright: Desiree Eaglin

Wittlebee monthly clothing club costs a mere: $39.99 a month. Between the time you save and the stress relief of not having to hassle at the store, Wittlebee monthly clothing club pays for itself.

Copyright: Desiree Eaglin

A Different Style in their closets
Um, I am a little particular-most especially when it comes to what my children wear. So, my son’s closet is basically full of the same kind of shirt. He literally has 20 of the same polo (in different color and pattern of course) and the same type of collared button downs. I have a hard time finding clothing for him that I like, so when I do find something I buy it in every color and size. Family and friends are always hesitant to buy my children clothing because of just how particular I am.
I LOVE that Wittlebee brought something new for my children to wear. Our box was split down the middle of boys size 5t and girls size 18-24 months. I love each and every article of clothing that they chose to give us. The clothing Wittlebee chose was a breath of fresh air in my children’s otherwise tired and stale closets.

Do me a favor and try Wittlebee out for yourselves. I guarantee you’ll love it. And in fact, so does Wittlebee. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! You can also stop or pause your monthly service at any time too. Flexibility with no pressure whatsoever!

For more information about Wittlebee, please log on here.


I received a complimentary box of children’s clothing from Wittlebee for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own and I know…you think my opinions are awesome.


13 responses

  1. Wow, now that’s pretty awesome! And I would also love to throw some variety in my kiddo’s closet, he’s got the entire Carter’s clothing collection in his closet from the past 3 years! Thanks for the tip!

    Btw, I your kiddos are so darn cute, even the “nightmare”, I can’t help but smile looking at these pics! =)

  2. Wow, sounds like an awesome service! Never knew anything like this existed and it is SO something I would have used a couple of years ago when my kids were smaller (and much less picky about their clothes).

  3. I signed up to try it. The wait time is almost insane, I ordered 3 weeks ago and the box still hasn’t shipped. I noticed that seems to happen alot, accoding to comments on their facebook page. I hope its worth it in the end. But when it comes to shopping, my 2 are always super good, they love it and I love taking them. And they are both under 5. But I don’t love the 45 minute drive to shop.

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