5 sayings that have impacted my life dramatically

“If you act like you know what you’re doing-no one will be able to tell the difference” – from my brother. He went on to say that you can tell anyone any line of bullshit and they’ll believe it if you say it like you know what you’re talking about. This to me, has helped a great deal in the self-confidence area. Everyone gets intimidated by people who appear to know what they’re talking about. However, I bet only half of them actually do know what they are talking about.

“Be a Jack of all trades” – from a coworker at a framing shop I worked at. I love this idea of not being stagnant and having the ability to fit in different pockets of industrial value. I can teach, I can handle cash, I can lead a group of people, I can organize events, I can work with my hands, I can be a social worker, I can be a research assistant, I can be a writer, I can be a photographer, I can be a friend, I can be a wife, I can be a mom.

“On those days that you feel extra special, remember there is someone out there that is better than you” –from my brothers dad. We were camping at the dry lake bed and I was about 15 years old. Remembering this phrase helps me keep a level head and a clear perspective. Everyone feels big-headed sometimes, like they can conquer the world. Knowing that there is always someone out there that is better than me keeps me grounded.

“Treat others as you would like to be treated” -from my mom. She is the master at teaching respect.

“Keep your head down, your chin tucked in, your mouth shut and keep working” -from my husband. He has never actually said these words, but he doesn’t have to. This is his work ethic. He has an amazing work ethic. Working hard gives you the ability to live the life you want.

Now I want to hear about the sayings and phrases that have impacted your life.


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  1. I loved this post. I guess the one saying I’ve really taken to heart is this: “It’s never too late to try something new.” I think I encompass this in my life.

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