Husbands are NO good at barf

One of my favorite bloggers is Amber Dusick of Parenting Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. If you don’t currently read her blog YOU MUST START NOW. I adore funny people, especially ingenious funny people. Her crappy illustrations of parenting get me laughing every single time.
In honor of my favorite funny bunny, Amber Dusick I have created my own crappy pictures wannabe post.


Husbands are no good with dealing with sick children. Especially when those sick children have to barf. My husband FREAKS OUT when the kids are sick and have to barf. This is his exact reaction to our sick, barfy children:

And then, his solution to a barfing child is this. While gagging. And totally pissed off. To sit there and allow her to barf all over the floor I just scrubbed on hands and knees for only 2 days prior. Weird, lame and totally messy:

Now, as a mom or maybe as a normal human being  with actual brain cells that function. You would do this right? (That’s me running):

or this:

or  this:

or shit, even this:

But nope, my darling husband does this. While gagging. And pissed off. Every. damn. time.

Let me say it again…husbands are NO good at barf.


17 responses

  1. The pictures were hysterical. And we dads do freak out. But even one time of cleaning the floor will change all that. Since my kids are “middle of the night” pukers, I make sure I even have a wastepaper basket “checkpoint” on the way to a washable item with a drain when they’re sick.

  2. Me and my man switch roles in this matter… he is the one that reacts well and I am the one that let’s our son barf on the floor. He usually cleans up the mess. Either way your post made me bust up laughing.

  3. the man and I actually decided it’s best to let her puke in one spot then puke a trail to the bathroom. He always cleans it up- I get to change her and hose her down. He’s been puked on, pooped on, peed on, you name it- our daughter has left her mark.

    She trained him well. Love the pics! 🙂

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