A front door surprise

Last week we found a very special surprise on our front door. It was the kind of surprise you don’t see everyday. It was the kind of surprise that makes you scratch your head and make you wonder what in the world that little birdie was thinking.
The end of last week, I was finally getting around to taking down our Easter decorations when I noticed something very interesting tucked inside of my front door wreath:

This little bird has made herself Welcome!

A birds nest…with little bird eggs!  
At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought there was no way the nest or the eggs nestled inside could be real. So I took the nest off, stood there gazing dumbfoundingly at it for several minutes, touched the eggs and then after closer inspection I put the nest back in the wreath. What aspect made me realize the nest was real? The real fluff and feathers tucked inside the strands. I’m not sure what kind of bird eggs these are. We are in “swallow season” could these be swallows?

The nest is perfectly made with tight woven strands. And it’s surprisingly heavy!
I immediately felt bad for touching the eggs, feeling as though I have hereby doomed the eggs to an incomplete life because of my human finger stench. Don’t mom birds deny human stench eggs?  Well, apparently this mommy bird isn’t very bright (you know besides making a nest on someones front door) because she’s coming back everyday. We don’t use the front door often, but every time I do she flies away!
Stay tuned for front door nest birdie updates!


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