Wordless Wednesday – Introducing

Big Brother and Big Sister met their new little brother for the very first time on Saturday. They were very happy and very excited to meet him…


A Glimpse of My Life at this Very Moment

I’m having a baby tomorrow. Via cesarean section.
I received an email this morning at 6:30am from my OBGYN at Kaiser Permanente that she had to take an “unexpected leave” and will not be able to deliver me tomorrow. I have been rescheduled with a doctor later in the day.
Later in the day.
When you have a c-section you cannot eat or drink for 8 hours before the surgery.
8 hours.
That means, no water, no food…no coffee.
No food for a pregnant lady? Awful. No coffee for a pregnant lady with 2 kids? F-ING TORTURE.

At 9am I received a phone call from Kaiser that was double checking I had received the email.
I was notified that according to my labs done on Wednesday that I have a bladder infection that requires antibiotics.
Great. And no wonder I haven’t been feeling well. Peeing every 10 minutes, back pain, bladder pain and general discomfort was masked as pregnancy in my mind but was actually something worse.
Good going Desiree. In pain for no reason.
After dropping my son off at school I had to rush back and meet the flooring guy here at the house. Once he was done, I had to fill my prescription at Kaiser. It took almost an hour. With a 21 month old. Surrounded by sick people.
It was awesome.

When I picked up my son from school today he said to me in the car: “Mom guess what there was this kid with an angry bird shirt on and he went Yak Yak Pop…do you know what Yak Yak Pop means? It means he threw up all over Katie and the desk and the floor and his backpack it was really gross he’s at home now.” (there were no breaks, he said that as one big long sentence) So here’s what I have to say Dear Mr. Yak Yak Pop if you got my kid sick I’m going to hunt you down and Yak Yak Pop your face.

The day has been non stop errands and last-minute housekeeping before baby Eaglin #3 joins us. All while I pee every 10 minutes.

However, here’s the kicker. The antibiotics give me dry mouth and make me feel super dehydrated.
How the hell am I supposed to go all day tomorrow with no water?

All I have to say is this baby better be damn cute. 😉

Guest Post at Sassy Mama in LA – Albertson’s Has A New Baby Aisle

As a busy mother of two, the number one thing I look for while shopping is affordable convenience. My goal is to get out of the store as quickly and efficiently as possible before one of the two children (or shoot-both) start a complete and total meltdown, tantrum or general hissy fit; all while not having to pay extra for that convenience.

To continue reading my post and to enter the really awesome giveaway, Please log on HERE. 

Birthday sex

Today is Mother’s Day. It also happens to be my husbands birthday. Which although sounds like it may have been a conflict of interest was actually quite nice. He was obligated to be nice to me and I was obligated to be nice to him. So we ended up being really nice to each other…for the like the first whole day ever.

But now as the day comes to a close we have a new problem. We have ourselves a new conflict of interest.

There are 2 days a year that I get a reprieve of his 15-year-old-boyish-non-stop-horndogginess:
My birthday
and Mother’s day

There are 2 days a year that I don’t get a choice:
His birthday
and Father’s day

So now what?
I’ll tell you what: It’s going to be a standoff.
Him in one corner with that devilish look in his eye that I’ve come to know and um…fear. And me, trying to lock myself in the bathroom and claim bathroom problems.

Wish me luck.

TIME Magazine: Are You Mom Enough? Why yes, Jamie Lynn Grumet IS Mom Enough.

A lot of controversy has been stirred up today since TIME Magazine released its newest cover. The cover bluntly shows a young woman breastfeeding her almost 4 year old son while he stands on a stool. Both mom and son look the audience candidly in the eye and the title “Are You Mom Enough?” jumps out at you.
It just so happens that Jamie Lynn of I am Not the Babysitter is a fellow MomsLA blogger and a friend of mine. Call it sensational, call it graphic, call it whatever you want, but at the end of the day this TIME magazine cover has successfully created enough interest and opened up conversations about breast feeding acceptability and the mother’s right to choose.
I support the Mother’s Right to Choose.
As long as that mother has the child’s best interest in mind and she is doing her best. There is no wrong or right way to parent.
Or to breastfeed.
The purpose of breasts is for women to feed their children. Breastfeeding is natural. How, where, when and for how long they choose to feed them is up to the mother themselves.

Jamie has this to say:
“But people have to realize this is biologically normal,” she told the magazine. “It’s not socially normal. The more people see it, the more it’ll become normal in our culture. That’s what I’m hoping. I want people to see it.”

Another fellow MomsLA blogger, Jessica Gottlieb published a video stating concern for the child’s right to privacy. Gottlieb is a advocate for bloggers to write about “their stories” and feels as though Jamie may have approved an image that will haunt her son when he is older. I however, am confident that this TIME magazine cover will be a non-issue and even passĂ© in 11+ years. I am optimistic that this cover will open up more media avenues for breastfeeding advocacy that will lead to a general public acceptance overall and Aram will never have to defend his mother’s actions.

Do I feel that TIME magazine intentionally chose this image to create controversy and sell more magazines? Absofreakinlutely. They chose an attractive, young, white female to boldly display breastfeeding in an abnormal position on purpose.
The photographer, Martin Schoeller has been quoted saying: “I liked the idea of having the kids standing up to underline the point that this was an uncommon situation.”
But I will tell you this, Jamie is no dummy. Jamie IS “Mom Enough”. She is strong, she is intelligent and she has the ability to back up her beliefs about attachment parenting and breastfeeding. Read the article for yourself and just get over the cover already!

Jamie is a sweet and super genuine person with a huge heart and a huge capacity for loving, nurturing and raising her children and I am proud to call her my friend.  

The Best Mother’s Day Brunches in So Cal

Snoopy is elbowing me in the gut

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a special Mother’s Day Brunch preview at Knotts Berry Farm. I went with my good friend Elle of See Mom Work. It was great to get out for the morning without the kids and spend some quality time with her. The brunch was yummy, trust me…I ate 5 plates worth.

Sunday, May 13th is just around the corner and what are you planning to do to celebrate the special mom in your life on Mother’s Day? Check out this list of fabulous brunches in Southern California to take your special lady to on Mother’s Day that will impress and wow her.

To see the entire CBS Los Angeles article and my picks for best brunches, log on HERE. 

From the Archives – Hershey as a wee pup

Originally posted at Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest on March 25, 2009. It’s another post in honor of the dog. Yeah. I KNOW. 


On Sunday (3-22-09) we got our family a chocolate lab! The Husband and I have always talked about getting a chocolate lab for as long as we’ve talked about our future together. We weren’t expecting to get one so soon, but the right ad and the right breeder crossed our paths and we couldn’t resist. We have named our pup “Hershey” and it suits her perfectly. She is a very sweet puppy and she loves The Kid.

We spent a long time at the breeders house to watch the pups and the mom. The mom was very sweet and very gentle. Just what we like in dogs!

It was so cute watching all the pups trying to squeeze in. They had been weaned from their mom, but couldn’t resist: It was really really hard choosing just one pup. The Husband was very specific about what kind of behavior he was looking for and I was trying to choose the “cutest” pup. But they were all cute! If the breeder was running a 2 for 1 deal I would have gotten 2! ha ha. We asked that all the males be brought inside so that we could narrow down our choices (we weren’t opposed to a male dog but the girls were just cute). At first we thought Hershey was a boy because they had given all the boys blue collars. When we found out she was a girl, we chose her! She was very very tired and fell asleep on The Kid’s lap: He talked to her all the way home: This is the cutest picture yet. The Kid was so proud of himself too:

The Husband is a big dog lover. He loves and adores Hershey:Hershey in action:She’s smaller than the weeds!:
Hershey loves to follow The Kid around. He makes it a game from running to one end of the yard to the other:You can never get enough of pictures like this. A boy just needs a dog:
And here is the most recent picture I have taken of the big ol’ doof:

A monumental affair

Those of you that blog know that the blogging community is quite strange. In social media, it seems that everyone knows everyone and we’re all famous (or infamous) to each other. Yet your neighbor, whom isn’t a reader or believer of blogs has no clue that you’re the shiznit on Twitter, that your blog receives thousands upon thousands of hits a day and that brands are falling over themselves to get to you.

I think it is easy as a blogger to get jaded. To be the moth to the flame and a seeker of the limelight, a little too desperate and a little too willing.

I am thankful to have met a few of the most amazing people that keep things real and put things in perspective and these are people…whom just so happen to blog.

I have amazing mentors, that are willing to gripe, vent, be a really good friend and teach me everything they know. Once a month I get together with those mentors that live nearby and we chat and eat and discuss.

Once a month my mind is blown by how amazing the human social connection can be…By how amazing things can happen by just a conversation over sushi…By how amazing the endless future will be by just knowing these right amazing people…whom just so happen to blog.

Last night, over sushi was a monumental affair. A discussion of the future and how to take hold of it. A spark of an idea that will one day soon be something really big and really important. Oh and a whole lot of pigging out too.

Here’s to you my ladies and here is to our future. I am so thankful to know you.