A monumental affair

Those of you that blog know that the blogging community is quite strange. In social media, it seems that everyone knows everyone and we’re all famous (or infamous) to each other. Yet your neighbor, whom isn’t a reader or believer of blogs has no clue that you’re the shiznit on Twitter, that your blog receives thousands upon thousands of hits a day and that brands are falling over themselves to get to you.

I think it is easy as a blogger to get jaded. To be the moth to the flame and a seeker of the limelight, a little too desperate and a little too willing.

I am thankful to have met a few of the most amazing people that keep things real and put things in perspective and these are people…whom just so happen to blog.

I have amazing mentors, that are willing to gripe, vent, be a really good friend and teach me everything they know. Once a month I get together with those mentors that live nearby and we chat and eat and discuss.

Once a month my mind is blown by how amazing the human social connection can be…By how amazing things can happen by just a conversation over sushi…By how amazing the endless future will be by just knowing these right amazing people…whom just so happen to blog.

Last night, over sushi was a monumental affair. A discussion of the future and how to take hold of it. A spark of an idea that will one day soon be something really big and really important. Oh and a whole lot of pigging out too.

Here’s to you my ladies and here is to our future. I am so thankful to know you.


6 responses

  1. love you and so glad I met you my friend. Good, genuine people are hard to find, and I’m glad we can all share and uplift each other. I always take so much away from being with you two. 🙂

    oh yes, and I’ll fix my Twitter account…… 😉

  2. It’s great that you have a group of ladies to do this with =) We all need that support system in this huge, blogging world.

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