A Glimpse of My Life at this Very Moment

I’m having a baby tomorrow. Via cesarean section.
I received an email this morning at 6:30am from my OBGYN at Kaiser Permanente that she had to take an “unexpected leave” and will not be able to deliver me tomorrow. I have been rescheduled with a doctor later in the day.
Later in the day.
When you have a c-section you cannot eat or drink for 8 hours before the surgery.
8 hours.
That means, no water, no food…no coffee.
No food for a pregnant lady? Awful. No coffee for a pregnant lady with 2 kids? F-ING TORTURE.

At 9am I received a phone call from Kaiser that was double checking I had received the email.
I was notified that according to my labs done on Wednesday that I have a bladder infection that requires antibiotics.
Great. And no wonder I haven’t been feeling well. Peeing every 10 minutes, back pain, bladder pain and general discomfort was masked as pregnancy in my mind but was actually something worse.
Good going Desiree. In pain for no reason.
After dropping my son off at school I had to rush back and meet the flooring guy here at the house. Once he was done, I had to fill my prescription at Kaiser. It took almost an hour. With a 21 month old. Surrounded by sick people.
It was awesome.

When I picked up my son from school today he said to me in the car: “Mom guess what there was this kid with an angry bird shirt on and he went Yak Yak Pop…do you know what Yak Yak Pop means? It means he threw up all over Katie and the desk and the floor and his backpack it was really gross he’s at home now.” (there were no breaks, he said that as one big long sentence) So here’s what I have to say Dear Mr. Yak Yak Pop if you got my kid sick I’m going to hunt you down and Yak Yak Pop your face.

The day has been non stop errands and last-minute housekeeping before baby Eaglin #3 joins us. All while I pee every 10 minutes.

However, here’s the kicker. The antibiotics give me dry mouth and make me feel super dehydrated.
How the hell am I supposed to go all day tomorrow with no water?

All I have to say is this baby better be damn cute. 😉


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  1. Oh no at all your news and day – I hope tomorrow flies by and everything goes well! I was induced starting at 9am and ate around 730am before we left for the hospital and I didn’t eat again till after I had him but around 9pm. THAT was torture omg! But anyways, yes the baby will be cute!!! Lots of love and light.

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