It’s a Father’s Day Frosty Weekend with Wendy’s

To know me is to know that I love me some Wendy’s. I literally ate there twice a week while I was pregnant. I’m not kidding! A BLT Cobb salad and chocolate Frosty are my go-to menu items. I also love helping the less fortunate. I am always here to lend a helping hand.
This Father’s day weekend (June 16th and 17th), Wendy’s will be donating 50-cents from each Frosty purchase to the Dave Thomas Foundation for AdoptionThese donations will be used to benefit the cause of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, which is a program that helps children in foster care find permanent, loving homes.

How can you help this great cause? It’s easy! Just do one (or all!) of these:

1. Buy any Frosty product: On Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17, for each Frosty product purchased, participating Wendy’s will donate 50-cents to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. This signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is dedicated to finding permanent adoptive families for children in foster care. (includes the original, parfaits, shakes and floats)

2. Use a mobile-friendly website to check in at Wendy’s: Wendy’s will donate 50-cents for every customer that checks in at Wendy’s restaurants during Father’s Day Weekend (June 16 and 17 only) using Wendy’s special mobile-friendly website found at
3. Re-tweet: Now through Father’s Day, customers can re-tweet one of @Wendys special Twitter posts with the hashtag #TreatItFwd. Wendy’s will make a 50-cent donation for each designated re-tweet made from Treat it Forward. You can follow Wendy’s HERE.
You can be sure that my family and I will be heading to our nearest Wendy’s this weekend to support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. I suggest you do too.
A gift card was provided for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way. Check back again soon for a chance to win your very own Wendy’s gift card too. 

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