Wordless Wednesday – Blueberry Pickin’

Copyright: Desiree Eaglin



Is this you?

I’m on the hunt for the most-awesome-photo-booth-stealth-picture-taker-ever.
Well, let me explain a bit…

You see, we went to a wedding a few months ago. Baby Eaglin #3 was still in the belly, my oldest son was the ring bearer, my husband was drunk as a skunk and my daughter was well…adorable as usual. There was a photo booth at the wedding. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

and of course, us:

and then this.


Is this you?
Because if it is. You are awesome my friend. All kinds of awesome.

Friends make all the difference

A few of the dinners that came to our door.

I am one lucky duck with an amazing circle of the best kind of supportive friends in the world. Being in such an amazing group of friends means that someone sets up dinner deliveries after babies are born. Which, for someone like me, married to someone like my husband IS A FREAKIN GODSEND.
My husband can’t cook.
Well, he can’t cook anything edible.  
Thankfully, my friends can. And can they can well. Almost too well. Because now my husband expects gourmet culinary feats out of me.
“If your friends can cook spaghetti that way, you should be able to too” he says with a straight face.
Thanks friends for the amazing meals. You all mean the world to me and it meant a lot to our family. But no thanks at raising the bar of food expectations around here. For that, I’ll never forgive you…just kidding.