Wordless Wednesday – The Belly

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Is this you?

I’m on the hunt for the most-awesome-photo-booth-stealth-picture-taker-ever.
Well, let me explain a bit…

You see, we went to a wedding a few months ago. Baby Eaglin #3 was still in the belly, my oldest son was the ring bearer, my husband was drunk as a skunk and my daughter was well…adorable as usual. There was a photo booth at the wedding. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

and of course, us:

and then this.


Is this you?
Because if it is. You are awesome my friend. All kinds of awesome.

Friends make all the difference

A few of the dinners that came to our door.

I am one lucky duck with an amazing circle of the best kind of supportive friends in the world. Being in such an amazing group of friends means that someone sets up dinner deliveries after babies are born. Which, for someone like me, married to someone like my husband IS A FREAKIN GODSEND.
My husband can’t cook.
Well, he can’t cook anything edible.  
Thankfully, my friends can. And can they can well. Almost too well. Because now my husband expects gourmet culinary feats out of me.
“If your friends can cook spaghetti that way, you should be able to too” he says with a straight face.
Thanks friends for the amazing meals. You all mean the world to me and it meant a lot to our family. But no thanks at raising the bar of food expectations around here. For that, I’ll never forgive you…just kidding.

Stremicks Heritage Organic Milk *Giveaway for So Cal Residents*

Do your kids drink a ton of milk? I know mine do, we go through a gallon of milk every other day-we’re milk o’ holics around here! One of the biggest ways I can provide healthy nutrition for my crazy yolkels is by purchasing certified organic milk.

Why organic milk you ask? And what is the difference anyway?

Simply put organic milk is just better for you. Organic milk comes from cows that produce milk without the use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones in order to artificially promote milk production and without the use of pesticides on the natural feed and grass on which the cows graze. In other words, those milkin’ cows eat healthy and produce milk naturally!

Stremicks Heritage Organic Milk is a company with a family orientated motto-provide the best quality products with integrity and geniune care. They have over 30 years of providing top quality dairy products! Stremicks Heritage Organic Milk has a long shelf life too, which is extra special for organic products. They use a special flash heating and cooling technology that makes their ultra-pasteurized milk stays fresh and healthy up to three times longer than other milk products. Check out their store locator here to try it for yourself!

Giveaway (open to Southern California Residents only): Giveaway now closed

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This is not a compensated post. I received coupons for Stremicks Heritage Organic Milk for review purposes. We drank that good stuff up in no time flat. 

This Giveaway is now closed. 

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Congratulations Mollee and thank you all for entering!

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents DRAGONS

Tickets are on sale now for the Greatest Show on Earth. 

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey are honoring the year of the dragon with a heart pounding show of authentic circus feats, dragon lore and acts of flashy bravery. DRAGONS is a never-before-seen circus adventure of renowned legends and real-life spectacle that is coming to the South land for 3 weeks of family fun summer shows from July 11 – August 5 at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles; Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario and Honda Center in Anaheim.  Tickets  sales started on Sunday, June 10  and will be available for purchase online at Ticketmaster.com, charge by phone at 800) 745-3000 or by visiting the arena box office. 

Showtimes are as follows:

Wednesday, July 11 – Tuesday, July 17
STAPLES Center, Downtown Los Angeles
Wednesday, July 11   7:30 PM
Thursday, July 12       12:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Friday, July 13            12:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Saturday, July 14        11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:30 PM
Sunday, July 15          11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:30 PM
Monday, July 16         12:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Tuesday, July 17        12:00 PM & 7:30 PM

Friday, July 20 – Tuesday, July 24
Citizens Business Bank Arena
Friday, July 20            7:30 PM
Saturday, July 21        11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:30 PM
Sunday, July 22          11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:30 PM
Monday, July 23         12:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Tuesday, July 24        7:30 PM

Friday, July 27 – Sunday, August 5
Honda Center
Friday, July 27                        7:30 PM
Saturday, July 28                    11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:30 PM
Sunday, July 29                      1:30 PM & 5:30 PM
Wednesday, August 1             1:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Thursday, August 2                 10:30 AM & 7:30 PM
Friday, August 3                      1:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Saturday, August 4                 11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:30 PM
Sunday, August 5                   11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:30 PM

Tickets are priced reasonably!:
$20, $26, $42 (VIP), $70 (Front Row) and $100 (Circus Celebrity)
Opening Night tickets are $12 (not valid for VIP or premium tickets)
All seats are reserved; tickets available through Ticketmaster.com, charge by phone at 800-745-3000 or visit the venue box office.  


I was not compensated in any way for this post. I will receive complimentary tickets to one of the shows, in which I will take the 2 older kids and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about it too-they’re going to love it (almost as much as I will)!! 

It’s a Father’s Day Frosty Weekend with Wendy’s

To know me is to know that I love me some Wendy’s. I literally ate there twice a week while I was pregnant. I’m not kidding! A BLT Cobb salad and chocolate Frosty are my go-to menu items. I also love helping the less fortunate. I am always here to lend a helping hand.
This Father’s day weekend (June 16th and 17th), Wendy’s will be donating 50-cents from each Frosty purchase to the Dave Thomas Foundation for AdoptionThese donations will be used to benefit the cause of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, which is a program that helps children in foster care find permanent, loving homes.

How can you help this great cause? It’s easy! Just do one (or all!) of these:

1. Buy any Frosty product: On Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17, for each Frosty product purchased, participating Wendy’s will donate 50-cents to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. This signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is dedicated to finding permanent adoptive families for children in foster care. (includes the original, parfaits, shakes and floats)

2. Use a mobile-friendly website to check in at Wendy’s: Wendy’s will donate 50-cents for every customer that checks in at Wendy’s restaurants during Father’s Day Weekend (June 16 and 17 only) using Wendy’s special mobile-friendly website found at www.wendys.com/treatitforward.
3. Re-tweet: Now through Father’s Day, customers can re-tweet one of @Wendys special Twitter posts with the hashtag #TreatItFwd. Wendy’s will make a 50-cent donation for each designated re-tweet made from Treat it Forward. You can follow Wendy’s HERE.
You can be sure that my family and I will be heading to our nearest Wendy’s this weekend to support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. I suggest you do too.
A gift card was provided for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way. Check back again soon for a chance to win your very own Wendy’s gift card too. 

Preschool Graduations are for Sissies

My son graduated from preschool a few weeks ago. Which it is safe to say that I have strong feelings of loss when I think about him growing up. But, that’s a part of parenting I suppose, the ebbs and waves of letting go. Push them to learn and grow and then mourn the baby they’ve grown to leave behind.
He graduated from preschool exactly 2 weeks after the baby was born. Fortunately, I was pretty exhausted and my mind was still stuck in babyzombieland (which, lets be honest-it still is). So I wasn’t so ‘in the moment’ that I was mourning and crying that lost chubby baby during the ceremony. I focused on taking lots of still pictures and video taping him singing songs.
He was adorbs. There were several songs with guitar notes and he rocked out an air guitar. He made my husband and I proud.
I was doing good through the ceremony. I was happy and I was proud and I was entertained.
Then this shit happened.

A 15 minute video collage of the kids. On the playground, in the classrooms, with their friends all the while having fun. Kids laughing and smiling and being happy. My son playing with kids I had never even met, being happy. His bright blue eyes shining and his beautiful face beaming. That beautiful face that was chubby and small not that long ago.

Which all that gushy poop was hard enough to bear. Then they played this crap from beginning to end:

And I wanted to die.
It took all I had to not lose my sh*t and melt into the floor.

It’s a Summer Strawberry Bonanza at Panera Bread! *Giveaway*

You know right after you’ve had a baby how you can easily feel the walls caving in and you can get a mad case of cabin fever? Regularly, the kids and I are pretty active and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t have something planned. Since this is my 3rd baby my husband and I have smartened up and we know how to deal with my cabin fever crabbiness. So in an attempt to heed this feeling I took son #1 on a mother and son lunch date last week to Panera bread to check out their summer strawberry menu items while my husband stayed home with the younger kids.

My son and I had a really great time and ordered everything we wanted to share between us. My son felt special and loved the “family style” lunch we had. He had fun critiquing the food and choosing his favorites too.

Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad. Credit: Panera Bread

Panera Bread is working hard in making your summer extra sweet with their new Strawberry filled menu items such as
Strawberry, Poppy seed & Chicken Salad – is made with romaine lettuce, all natural chicken, crunchy pecans all topped with fresh strawberries. The poppyseed dressing is sweet and tasty too! I was a little apprehensive about this salad at first, since I’m not a big fan of sweet and savory mixed in one dish, but I was extremely surprised at the deliciousness of this salad! It’s my new favorite!
Strawberry Smoothie – is made with Stonyfield Farm organic low fat vanilla yogurt that has been boosted with ginseng and topped with fresh strawberries. This is the only strawberry menu item we did not try.
Strawberry Granola Parfait – is made with Stonyfield Farm organic low fat vanilla yogurt and topped with sweet, fresh strawberries and maple butter pecan granola. This was my son’s favorite strawberry menu item. The granola was super delicious too.
Strawberries and Cream Scone – Super moist and delicious, made with white chocolate chips and dried infused strawberry bits in a cream-based scone. Super yummy, almost like a do-nut. I couldn’t taste the strawberries too much, although I didn’t get much of the scone before my son ate it all anyway.


My lunch date

For more information and to find a Panera Bread near you, log on here.
You can also find Panera Bread on Facebook!


The fine folks at Panera bread have offered you, my fabulous and beautiful readers a chance to win your very own Panera Bread gift card worth $10.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment below by June 14th at 12pm PST with which Strawberry menu item you would like to try.

Thank you and good luck!

This giveaway is open to US residents only please, only one entry per person. One winner will be chosen at random using random.org and will be notified via email.

I received a gift card to Panera Bread to facilitate this review, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are of my own and I know, you think my opinions are awesome.


Update: Giveaway is now closed. Raised by Culture is the winner! Comment selected by random.org “Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad looks yummy! I would love to try it!” Congratulations!