Wordless Wednesday – Blueberry Pickin’

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Wordless Wednesday – “I’m just not in to it”

Yeah it was noon and they were still wearing jammies.

Every now and then I get bored with food. So I pull out the good ol’ cookbooks and try something new. Which is a big deal around here because my husband is the pickiest of picky people eaters (but no, he’s not purple). I’ve tried my best to make sure my kids would never ever, never ever ever ever ever EVER be nearly as picky as he is. Feeding that man is a chore. I would never do that to my future son and daughter in laws. So one day last week I pulled out a kids “cooking fun” cookbook, perhaps I was inspired by Country Crock’s Clare Crespo recipes and I decided to try this. I was quite excited about it. I thought they would love it.
It didn’t go over very well. Besides the look of pure disgust on their faces they refused to eat it. My son claimed the noodles inside the hot dog weren’t cooked. My daughter threw a fit and I ended up making chicken nuggets instead.
Oh well.

Wordless Wednesday from the Archives. The “do not call social services on me, he did this to himself” Edition.

This oldie but goodie was originally published on September 17, 2008. Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest readers loved it then and I bet you’ll love it now too. He was only 20 months old then, about the age of Funny girl now. Seems like ages ago…